Wednesday, November 12th, Gemini offices in La Serena

This morning I did photo captures of several engineers and astronomers and met outreach worker Tona Garcia, who gave me a bottle of Chilean wine to welcome me to the telescope! (nice work if you can get it!) She will be taking me to a special outreach with children on Friday if all goes well.

In the meantime, I have another workshop today at 3 PM with Constanza, who is on the engineering team here at Casa Ocho (the 8th house), the building in which my studio is housed.

This is the day the European Space Agency  are trying to land their spaceship on a comet and because of the distances involved there is a 28 minute delay in terms of any information relayed from the craft. So, it might well be landed by now but we won’t be hearing for awhile… there will be a talk on Thursday afternoon on the whole Rosetta Project (if it succeeds or not).

I continue with painting, collaging and photo transfer work as well as building some ink for my renderings of local cacti. It continues to be a bit cool and overcast today.


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