Day Seven, At the Gemini Offices in La Serena, November 11th, 2014

A cool morning with overcast skies. Had an intense morning painting and then gave a cyanotype workshop — good results even in the cloudy conditions. Blair and his wife Djazia brought a lot of fun objects to place on the paper which resulted in some very rich printmaking. After that, I interviewed them at their offices, finding out that Djazia is analyzing the composition of nebulae on levels unheard of only a few years back. Her mapping techniques are very state of the art and the images are stunning (as is often the case with astronomers). Blair Conn is working on the entire Milky Way and looking at some rather intriguing collisions of galaxies and what happens when one galaxy goes crashing into another — sometimes they swish on through and other times they do a sort of double crash and end up combining into something else. I got a bit confused yesterday and pre-announced the landing of the Rosetta space ship on the comet — actually not happening until 4 AM tomorrow! Sorry about that! More on that as it comes in.

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