From the studio, La Serena, day six

Day six: Gemini Offices in La Serena, Monday, November 10, 2014
The weekend was a blur of working in the studio on Saturday and then taking the day off to explore La Serena and the fresh seaside market in Coquimbo Bay with some kindly astronomers, who took me under their collective wing. Djazia is from Algeria and Blair from Australia and they both work as astronomers at Gemini. Kailini is from Brazil. We had a lot of fun buying fresh food in the market and then had delicious fresh shrimp empanadas at Djazia and Blair’s favourite seaside restaurant. We capped off the afternoon with a nice long ramble along the sunny beach full of families enjoying their Sunday relaxation. I think it was good to take off some time, myself.
Today I am on the trail of the Rosetta Project. Thrillingly, today is the first time in history that a spacecraft has successfully landed on a comet. The European Space Agency has managed to land Rosetta onto the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko today. We’ve entered a new era of space exploration! There will be a talk on the whole subject at 4 PM tomorrow and I hope to insinuate myself into the lecture theatre with an eye to seeing some of the first images coming back.
I am doing some shodo, sumi-e and also met several more astronomers today as well as viewing a new compressor design by Fabian of the mechanical engineering team here in Casa Ocho. I hope to get some more photographs done and processed and collaging some of the results.
Lots going on!

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